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Now Available

Event Webhooks API

Developers use webhooks to notify their application over HTTPS when an event happens. The ChainRelay event webhooks API will allow you to manage which contract events you want to receive requests for, rules for request payloads, and custom retry logic. Read the docs.

Now Available

Event History API

The Ethereum Event History API is now available for general use. This web service over HTTPS empowers you to build apps, services, and tools that leverage smart contract events as well as analyze event history. ChainRelay makes it easy to quickly bootstrap your smart contract enabled product or service. Perfect for hackers and builders that want to be productive without wasting time on infrastructure. Read the docs and get connected.


Evan and Mike founded ChainRelay in 2018. Prior to ChainRelay, Evan worked at large financial institutions, consulted for federal government clients, and most recently built wealth managment software to help people achieve their financial goals. Michael has a wide range of experience in complex federal IT services delivery, cloud infrastructure and blockchain instruction. Mike is also the founder of Black Men Code.

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